As a certified Oracle Priestess through the Seven Sisters Mystery School, and an inaugural teaching apprentice to the school’s founding director Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., I hold a highly sacred container for channeling higher guidance to lovingly guide you on your path. I am a highly purified, clear vessel for receiving divine guidance with utmost integrity and care. Bring any questions about your life, the world, and the cosmos to the session.

Angela is truly a gifted priestess on the planet at this time. She creates a safe, open portal for divine guidance and healing to come in. As someone who has been working in the field of evolutionary spirituality myself for two decades, I recognize that the kind of transformational ritual setting Angela creates is made possible by the high and loving vibration she has cultivated within herself over the last decade. Having studied and lived the path of the Holy Woman with such dedication, Angela has become a gifted Oracle of sacred wisdom.
— Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., Founding Director,

$155 / Single 75 Minute Session

$400 / Bundle of Three 75 Minutes Sessions

Image:  Elena Ray

Image: Elena Ray

An Oracle Reading is for you if:

  • You are confused about important decisions in your life

  • You struggle with trusting your guidance

  • You seek answers from a higher source

  • You need clarity about what your life purpose is

  • You need support in your life

  • You need help understanding what’s happening in the world today

  • You’ve never tried tapping into your own guidance system

An Oracle Reading will benefit you in the following ways:

  • You will experience a highly sacred container for attuning to your own higher self

  • You will become clear about what is at the root of your questions

  • You will receive higher guidance about how to best move forward in your path

  • You will learn how to connect in with your guidance on your own

  • You will experience healing, divine energy

  • You will be held in powerful loving energy, free of judgment or criticism 

  • You will be strengthened and supported in your journey

  • You will receive divine blessings for your path moving forward


In an Oracle Reading, I will slip into a grounded trance state to receive divine guidance on your behalf, based on your questions. I will work from this expanded state with your higher self to help guide you on your life path in the best possible way. The Oracle Reading will be oriented towards what’s presently needed in your healing journey, expanding and strengthening your self-care, your relationships, your work in the world and beyond. The session may include energy healing transmissions in addition to channeled guidance. Overall it is a gentle, heart-centered healing experience, filled with presence, peace, and love. 

Remotely, I will advise you how to create ritual on your end to deepen the energy of the session. In person you can expect to be served a cup of warm cacao before the reading begins! You will receive a plan to work with moving forward which may include custom rituals, sacred practices, or other types of healing work. You will receive a recording of your session and a follow-up email from me to see how you are doing. 

Stepping into sacred space with Angela is like stepping outside of time... it almost feels to me like a taste of the old world, when it was customary to take time and care with all things, and to make each moment into a ritual or prayer. With a direct but gentle energy Angela guided the process in a way that allowed truths to flow out effortlessly from me. The revelations came along with a deep sense of inner knowing that helped guide me through the following months. I very much look forward to doing more work with Angela in the future, as it is always such a gift.
— Tasya Herskovits, sound healer,

*** Sessions are offered as single sessions or as a bundle of 3 sessions for a reduced rate when booked together. Multiple sessions are highly encouraged to receive the highest benefit from the healing work and ensure ongoing support, guidance, and integration of previous sessions as you continue on your healing journey. This is an ideal option for working with me on the deepest level. The 3 sessions can be set up for every 2-4 weeks to allow for integration and application of each reading, and is flexible to best suit your needs. 

*** Payment secures your appointment on my calendar. Booked sessions are non-refundable. If you cancel the appointment your payment will be applied toward a future session within 90 days of original payment. Provided sessions are non-refundable.

*** Sessions may take place in person in Joshua Tree, CA or remotely via Zoom online video conferencing.