Conception, pregnancy, and birth are all incredibly powerful timings in the development of a soul within the mother’s womb. Ancient palm leaf manuscripts from India reveal once-hidden processes that bless the soul of a child in the womb with incredible divine energy, power, and healing. Through sacred mantra practices, the soul of the child will receive a transmission of the highest divine energy to create a Divine Child.


A Divine Child is a child who has been born into the world awakened to higher spiritual energy and consciousness. This allows the soul of the child to reach their fullest potential in their lifetime. This is possible by bringing blessed divine energy to the soul of the child while still in the womb, giving them powerful, direct access to Divine Mother’s energy.

Divine Children come into the world as bright, radiant, crystalline souls- peaceful, intuitive, clear, and happy. These children have the ability to light the way for others.


Working with this ancient system that has been protected and hidden for thousands of years sets a sacred intention for the soul of your child. In this process, you invite in a high level divine soul into the womb, who may be birthed into the world with the ability to meet their karmas in an easeful way and who may bring great healing and divine light to the world. These ancient teachings are profound in their power and potential for bringing healing at this time of great change on our planet. 

These practices are some of the sacred tools that Mother Mary and Jesus used to do their miraculous work in the world. 

I have been working with these sacred teachings and practices with devotion since 2017, and has received the blessing and certification by Divine Lineage to take this work into the world. The teachings and healing practices in these sessions are as taught by Sri Kaleshwar and his teacher, Shirdi Sai Baba, the Divine Souls from whom this knowledge has come. 

Sacred Pregnancy Sessions are packed full of ancient sacred teachings of direct practices to use in conceiving and birthing a Divine Child. This is a tremendous sacred intention to set for the child you bring into the world. There's no other pregnancy practices on this level outside of these teachings, as this powerful information hasn't been available to the world until recently. It is a true honor for me to carry this knowledge forth for the benefit of all beings.

Now is the time to start birthing more and more Divine Souls into the world!

Photo:  Julia Corbett

$155 / Single 60 Minute Session

$400 / Bundle of Three 60 Minutes Sessions

Sacred Pregnancy Sessions are for you if:

  • You want to conceive a child in a truly sacred, divine way

  • You want to have a spiritually supported pregnancy

  • You want to bless your child’s soul with high divine energy in the womb

  • You have had trouble conceiving 

  • You are fearful of passing down negative family karma to your child

  • You want to have a healthy, blessed birthing process

  • You are open to daily spiritual practice involving chanting mantras 

  • You believe it is possible to call in a high-level divine soul into your womb

  • You want to bring high divine protection to your child 

  • You want to bring a divine child into the world for the greater good of all

A Sacred Pregnancy Session will benefit you in the following ways:

  • You will learn ancient, once-hidden divine mechanisms to conceive a divine child

  • You will set a high-level intention for the child you birth into the world

  • You will learn how to bring healing to your own soul (and your partner’s soul) for greater benefit of your pregnancy

  • You will have a spiritual support system for your pregnancy

  • You will awaken to the magnificent potential power of a sacred pregnancy and how it benefits the world

  • You will learn how soul energies work in the conception of a child 

  • You will learn sacred tools to bring healing to your child of any age

  • You will learn ancient knowledge that was used by Mother Mary, among many other divine saints


In a Sacred Pregnancy session, I will provide you with the sacred teachings and practices to bless the soul of your child yet to be born with high divine energy. You will come away from the teaching session with the divine practices and resources to continue working with throughout the pregnancy timing and beyond birth. You will be clear about your intention of why you are bringing a child into the world. It’s important to understand that this is a teaching session, and that the power to conceive a Divine Child is all up to you! I do not administer these divine transmissions directly to your womb, I am simply providing you with all you need to do this sacred work yourself.

The practices you will learn are appropriate for pre-conception preparation, for the entire timing of pregnancy, for the moment of birth, as well as the duration of childhood years and beyond. These practices bring great healing to the soul of your child at any age. After the session, you will receive PDF documents, audio files, and a recording of the session.

The sessions are open to couples or just the mother. Partners are encouraged to participate in the process if possible. If you are in the planning stages and want to have the deepest possible experience through these teachings and practices, allow yourself 3 months of preparatory time before intending to conceive. Though at any stage, even if you’ve already conceived, these practices will bless your pregnancy with huge divine power. 

*** Sessions are offered as single sessions or as a bundle of 3 sessions for a reduced rate when booked together. Multiple sessions are highly encouraged to receive the highest benefit from these practices and ensure ongoing support, guidance, and integration of previous sessions as you continue on your pregnancy journey. This is an ideal option for working with Angela on the deepest level. The 3 sessions can be set up for every 2-4 weeks to allow for integration and application of each session, and is flexible to best suit your needs. 

*** Payment secures your appointment on my calendar. Booked sessions are non-refundable. If you cancel the appointment your payment will be applied toward a future session within 90 days of original payment. Provided sessions are non-refundable.

*** Sessions may take place in person in Joshua Tree, CA or remotely via Zoom video conferencing.