Angela de la Agua is The Golden Oracle, a highly purified channel for the Divine Feminine. She radiantly walks her sacred path with high integrity, presence, and devotion. As a Priestess of Love, Angela offers herself in divine service to the world as a ceremonialist, healer, and teacher for her local desert community and beyond. She has been rooted full-time in Joshua Tree, CA since 2011 as a devoted initiate of the desert. Her solitary life in the desert is where she discovered her abilities to channel Divine energies to bring forth healing and transformation to the world through sacred nourishment, yogic arts, healing work, and laughter.

Her personal journey of transformation sets the template for all of her work in the world from the most authentic place. She has undergone incredible life shifts since her move to the desert, and with utmost compassion helps to guide the way for others awakening to the truth of their hearts. 

Angela is known for extensive work with juices and healing foods. She has guided hundreds of people through juice cleansing in alignment with the cycles of the moon. She has extensive knowledge of purification practices and regularly fasts throughout the year for up to four months at a time. She has been a foundational presence at the Spirit Weavers Gathering, serving raw desserts fit for the Goddess. She holds Cacao Ceremony for her community on a regular basis.

She has also been a channel for the Divine Feminine over the years as a photographer and writer, and self-published an intimate visual landscape of her relationship with the desert in the book, Water in the Desert, a stunning journey of the beauty in surrendering to transformation.

Presently, Angela is building her temple with offerings of sacred ceremony, one-on-one sessions as an Oracle and divine healer, private retreats on her desert land, workshops, divine birth teachings, group retreats, writing, sacred sounds and films.

She continues to follow her heart’s guidance along her path, her work in the world continuously evolving and expanding. She is devoted to a life of intention, finding the sacred in the mundane, creating ceremony in every moment of every day. Her radiant energy reaches people around the world who seek transformation, spiritual guidance, and soul-level healing.

It is Angela’s joyful intention to be aligned with her divine purpose on this planet every single day, and to be a radiant source of Love for everyone and everything.

An overview of my most significant influences that inform the way I engage in my daily life and my work in the world:


My most influential teachers and mentors include Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.d, Cindy Lindsay-Rael, Sweet Medicine Nation, Robert Johnson, Kaia Ra, Yogi Bhajan, Gregg Braden, Sri Kaleshwar, Mother Mary, Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus Christ, Amma, Quan Yin, Ganesha, Abraham Hicks, IxCacao, and the Desert, among many more.


Divine Birth Mysteries

Ancient Oracle Priestesshoods

The Holy Womb Chakra System

The Bhagavad Gita

The Sophia Code

The Essenes


Founding Council member of the Spirit Weavers Gathering, established 2013

Oracle Priestess, Levels 1 + 2, certified by Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.d, director of Seven Sisters Mystery School

Oracle Priestess Teacher, certified by Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.d, director of Seven Sisters Mystery School

Holy Womb Chakra System Teacher, certified by Divine Lineage Healing Center

Devoted to the study and daily practice of Yoga since 2000

Seasonal Juice Cleansing since 2012, spanning 1 - 120 days at a time, including Water Fasting + Dry Fasting


Daily Sadhana (devoted spiritual practice)

Spiritual Fasting


Yoga + Meditation

Intuitive + Energy Reading


Cleansing + Detoxification

Ceremonial Cacao

Juice Making + Juice Cleansing

Raw Foods



Sanskrit Mantra

Evolutionary Astrology


Mudra (sacred hand expressions)

Laws of the Universe (Laws of Attraction, Free Will, Karma, Divine Order, of many more)

Photo: Elena Ray