Hidden within every human is a sacred chakra point, the Holy Womb Chakra. Astonishing teachings found in ancient palm leaf manuscripts from India on this widely unknown chakra point reveal the infinite divine power available to each of us when the Womb Chakra is purified.

The Womb Chakra is the most powerful energetic point within you. Different from the second chakra, it is its own chakra point, and is the hidden key to tremendous healing, power, and divinity that is available to all humans. It is the highest, holiest place in your body.

Much trauma and karma is stored in the Womb Chakra, and through a system of sacred processes, its purification can bring forth great transformation and healing in your life.

The Womb Chakra is the Sacred Feminine energy in you, and purifying your Womb Chakra gives you access to your true divine power by connecting with the most powerful energetic point in the body.

If the any of the following resonate, you may be receiving a divine nudge to explore this work: You seek soul-level healing, karma clearing, you do work as a healer, you desire sacred relationship, you’re curious about sacred pregnancy, you have a connection to Mother Mary, you have a longing to connect directly with Divine Mother, you have a readiness to take your spiritual work to the next level, and so much more. 

All it takes is an open heart to get started.

*** Everyone has a Womb Chakra, so these one-on-one sessions are for all genders and all ages! ***

Photo: Angela de la Agua

Photo: Angela de la Agua

Angela has been working with these sacred teachings and practices with devotion since 2017, and has received the blessing and certification by Divine Lineage to take this work into the world. The teachings and healing practices in these sessions are as taught by Sri Kaleshwar and his teacher, Shirdi Sai Baba, the Divine Souls from whom this knowledge has come. 

$188 / Single 90 Minute Session

$500 / Bundle of Three 90 Minutes Sessions

The journey of healing this mysterious and powerful energetic portal in our beings is both pioneering in this day and age, as it is ancient. Angela carries the light of this rare and powerful healing modality with grace, wisdom, and skill. If you’re ready to shine a light on the parts of your being that urgently need your compassionate attention, Womb Chakra Healing with Angela is a potent way to embark on this journey.
— Rohini Walker, Reiki Master Practitioner, Editor of LunaArcana.com

Womb Chakra Healing is for you if:

  • You've experienced any type of womb-related disturbance (including your time in the womb)

  • You want to heal heartbreak (from anytime in your life)

  • You've had any type of negative sexual experience or trauma

  • You are looking for the missing piece in your healing journey

  • You want to be a stronger healer

  • You have chronic illness

  • You want to bring peace to your soul

  • You want to clear karma and ancestral wounds

  • You want to directly connect with the energy of Divine Mother

  • You want to conceive a child

  • You want to heal your relationship with your mother

A Womb Chakra Healing will benefit you in the following ways:

  • You will learn about the mysterious Holy Womb Chakra and how essential it is for your empowerment

  • You will receive powerful divine energy transmissions to your Womb Chakra

  • You will be held in a sacred container of the highest integrity and safety

  • You will be blessed with the energy and presence of Divine Mother

  • You will experience deep peace and love

  • You will awaken to the purification of your Womb Chakra as the divine key to open up miraculous healing and power within you

  • You will have the option of learning ancient mantra practices for continued purification on your own

  • You will receive a follow-up email after the session including in-depth resources around these sacred practices, for your continuous reference


In a Womb Chakra healing, I will work with you to purify your Womb Chakra through healing energy transmissions using ancient healing techniques. You will have the opportunity to share what is on your heart, and receive guidance from my open divine state. You are held in a protected, sacred energetic space radiant with peace, safety, compassion, and divine love. It is a gentle, meditative experience that may include hands on healing, flower water, and chanting. 

This is soul-level healing, and is just as powerful an experience whether in person or remote. It is a spiritual process, so the results of the healing will vary based on the all-knowing wisdom of Divine Mother. A single session is one experience of healing that may require more sessions or your own continued purification practices to achieve the desired results. Afterwards, you will receive sacred tools to continue the healing process on your own, including written guidance, audio files, and resources. 

*** Sessions are offered as single sessions or as a bundle of 3 sessions for a reduced rate when booked together. Multiple sessions are highly encouraged to receive the highest benefit from the healing work and ensure ongoing support, guidance, and integration of previous sessions as you continue on your healing journey. This is an ideal option for working with me on the deepest level. The 3 sessions can be set up for every 2-4 weeks to allow for integration and application of each healing, and is flexible to best suit your needs. 

*** Payment secures your appointment on my calendar. Booked sessions are non-refundable. If you cancel the appointment your payment will be applied toward a future session within 90 days of original payment. Provided sessions are non-refundable.

*** Sessions may take place in person in Joshua Tree, CA or remotely via Zoom video conferencing.