I’m humbled and honored by these loving words of praise, and am grateful to everyone for sharing their experiences of my offerings.

Here I am again ... days after a meeting with Angela and the revelations keep coming!

Each time we meet, there’s an experience of spontaneous and effortless opening into uncharted territory where clarity and surrender come naturally.

But then the days following, the gift keeps on giving! As I’m back living my life there’s a new way of seeing, fresh and new, that reveals what’s been there all along, but truer and without clutter. I’ve noticed that this brings an ease and depth of understanding, and more compassion for those in my life.

Many healers and teachers will take a class or two and hang their shingle while possessing only a conceptual understanding of what they’re offering. Angela’s years-long solitary lifestyle of continuous devotional practices, contemplation and service to others, allowing her to meet life fully with authenticity and joy, is rare. How this translates for others is that every service she offers comes from a living, embodied reality — a clear transmission of Divine Light — also rare.

I experience Angela’s cultivated Presence as a powerful and potent force for transformation and am in deep gratitude to have her in my life.
— Amara Alban, Founder, FreedomThroughInquiry.com

Angela and Joshua Tree are the most intensely beautiful teachers. Angela has been integral to my journeys there; her healing practices and how she holds space reflect the elements and teachings of the desert. She is relentless in her devotion and her studies in practice. Angela is pure magic: A source of inspiration and knowledge through direct experience and devotion to the source.
— Julia Corbett, Cosmic Photographer, www.prismcosmica.com

Working with Angela means learning with Angela. From every juice or raw food creation, I not only receive the medicine of food that is handled with love, I receive the lesson of that ritual, that slowness and care that creates a renewed connection to all aspects of life. To sit beneath her desert willow and settle into the world that she protects, to see the tenderness within her beautiful home, to witness the way she makes each jar of juice or cup of cacao, all of it is healing.

The best healing lessons are ones that remind us of the natural tools we have access to, the bounty of earth that is there for us, the deep understanding of body and spirit we each carry.

In every offering Angela presents, there is a tool to take home, to use again and again whenever the need arises. I continue to benefit from every interaction, every sip of juice, and every moment of ceremony that Angela has shared with me over the years. I am relieved to know that she is there, doing her magical work, supporting all of us daily with great care.
— Jacqueline Suskin, poet

I worked with Angela when she served as the teaching apprentice in the Priestess of the Dove Oracle training course I took with Seven Sisters Mystery School. In this role she supported Marguerite Rigoglioso, our teacher, beautifully and also co-created sacred space for our class with loving care. Sharing her wisdom about food, Angela helped me embrace and embody the principles of sacred nourishment in a way that was new to me. I began to bless our food at family dinners regularly and now my family will reach for each other’s hands, many times without my prompting, to bless our food and each other. Angela stands with you and allows you to go at your own pace through whatever your learning is in the moment. Her being radiates authenticity and bravery and her laughter is Divine. I look forward to continuing to learn and work with her in my own journey of sacred nourishment.
— Carmen Nash, NashReconnectiveHealing.com

The medicine of my Oracle session with Angela started as soon as I walked through the door. It was clear that she had been preparing the space with love and intention for quite some time, and my body and soul knew on a very deep level that I was entering into magical space. With a direct but gentle energy Angela guided the process in a way that allowed truths to flow out effortlessly from me. The revelations came along with a deep sense of inner knowing that helped guide me through the following months. Stepping into sacred space with Angela is like stepping outside of time... it almost feels to me like a taste of the old world, when it was customary to take time and care with all things, and to make each moment into a ritual or prayer. I very much look forward to doing more work with Angela in the future, as it is always such a gift.
— Tasya Herskovits, sound healer, soothsinging.com

The three sacred cacao ceremonies Angela led that I participated in were nothing less than life changing events for me. Angela is truly a gifted priestess on the planet at this time. She creates a safe, open portal for divine guidance and healing to come in. During the ceremonies I was part of, the field she created allowed me to open up to profound levels of divinely inspired information for myself and others. Even more important, the energy allowed me to fully drop into the place I needed to go for a massive, long-awaited emotional healing to take place. It was unexpected and nothing less than miraculous. I have been on the upswing ever since.

As someone who has been working in the field of evolutionary spirituality myself for two decades, I recognize that the kind of transformational ritual setting Angela creates is made possible by the high and loving vibration she has cultivated within herself over the last decade. Having studied and lived the path of the Holy Woman with such dedication, Angela has become a gifted ritual leader, Oracle of sacred wisdom, and priestess of divine nourishment. I highly recommend Angela’s ceremonies and private readings, her exquisite guidance sessions on high vibrational food, and her extraordinary juices and raw desserts. You will be fed and sustained at very deep levels.
— Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., Founding Director, SevenSistersMysterySchool.com

Angela is a woman of heart and mind, who walks the path she speaks and is unwavering and immensely inspiring in her commitment. Her presence is one of another time and place, a place I have desired to be in, a true deep, patient connection with the earth and spirit. I have had an oracle reading with her and experienced her Cacao Ceremonies on several occasions and my life has truly been changed since she has come into my life. Her voice is gentle and generous, her words have space and allowed me to feel her strong presence, but also disappear into my own experience in her held arms. She has opened a place in me that I didn’t even know how much I yearned to connect to. She is the essence of the desert and all it has to offer to balance life.
— Odeya Nini, voice + yoga teacher, odeyanini.com

Angela is both a mystic and an alchemist. I have known Angela for now 5 years, which also feels like lifetimes, I am lucky enough to have that connection with her. I am a witness to her ever evolving creations. Her knowledge is like the deep blue sea... beautiful, courageous and expansive. Angela continues to grow, quietly shaping her world around her like the ancient ones building blocks one by one into her own temple. The sounds of her voice, her deep rich laugh, and the space that she holds is profound... Once you have spent time with Angela, you will have no doubts you have tapped into someone very special because she is truly one-of-a-kind.
— Mikki Sage, writer, hausofsages.com, @Sagelove

Angela inspires me to imagine a different way of being in this world. Her presence in our community is one of healing and radiant love. After ceremony with Angela, I have felt subtle shifts in my thinking and connections with others and our earth. Everything she touches vibrates with vitality.
— Adriene Jenik, high desert resident and artist/educator

Angela was the first person l met in the desert and my life has been forever changed in the most magical of ways. I’ve been honored and nourished by her juices, her delicious desserts grace my birthdays, her oracle readings give me rich guidance, and her ceremonies deeply move me each and every time. However you choose to dance with this bright light is up to you, just do it.
— Dana Balicki, life coach, danabalicki.com

Angela has held several rituals on my property. She is intensely present and conscious. For me, the quality of Angela’s presence is impeccable and brings a sense of peace and calming.
— Luana Lynch, high desert elder

So grateful that I had the opportunity to attend a cacao ceremony presented by Angela. The ceremony seemed to shake loose some long held back feelings that needed to come to the forefront for processing. The beauty of the cacao ceremony, the natural beauty of the desert location and Angela’s spiritual knowledge and positive energy made for a powerful experience.
— Nancy Klein, Joshua Tree resident

Angela has become a dear friend of mine. We met for the first time when she lovingly, and I assert LOVINGLY, hand delivered a collection of organic cold pressed juices to my beloved and I in the desert, on an enchantingly dry and clear skied day in Joshua Tree.

The stillness that came to rest in my body as I intentionally sipped each juice between wandering bare foot against boulders, sand and pebbly paths was glorious. To honour my vessel with juices infused with the purest intentions and made by the hands of a starry angel is a portal in time I will never forget! My clear eyes grew to match the clear skies!

After all these years, I can still remember our first hug, the way Angela’s heart wrapped around mine and the crystalline devotion she carried for her sacred offerings permeated as a golden auric glow from her rich smile. I felt held, in her Love, in her hands, in her creations. And I was held, not only in that moment, but for many moons to come, as a gentle and cosmic spirit like Angela’s lives on in all those she connects with.

Over time I have witnessed Angela’s offerings expand into sensational and transformational realms. Her reverence is palpable, her Love is out of this world, her truth is Divine. I celebrate this magical woman without hesitation and it brings me total joy to encourage and invite you to dive a little deeper into her sacred offerings, too.
— Bibi, photographer, www.sacredselfsacredsource.com

Angela conducted a Cacao ceremony for our priestess group. Her gracious and centered presence added to the sacred and powerful experience of the ceremony. Since the ceremony, with Angela’s gentle guidance and mentoring, I have begun to enjoy the spiritual and health benefits of the Cacao plant as part of my daily diet.
— Sumaya O’Grady, priestess, Arizona

I met Angela during a retreat where she was blessing us with her cacao ceremony. I had done a cacao ceremony before, and although I liked it the first time, I wasn’t overly enchanted with it, as I’m naturally quite skeptical about many of these type of ceremonies. Well, Angela completely blew me away with her graciousness, and her deep understanding of the sacred nourishment. I am now a complete devotee to Mama Cacao.

Her knowledge and love for healing through nourishment is astonishing, and the kindness with how she teaches is very comforting. She made me feel at ease at all times. If you’re blessed to meet her, you’ll see that in this beautiful lady houses a very old soul of a medicine woman that has reincarnated through many lifetimes! Thank you Angela for your knowledge, kindness and love... and I will be forever grateful you introduced me properly to the gifts that Mama Cacao brought us all to enjoy!
— Dani Gonzalez, priestess, Ireland

Angela’s abundant love vibration draws me in. I look forward to being in her shining light. She is truly an Oracle of the Goddess. I have experienced cacao ceremonies and a personal oracle reading with Angela. She is professional and clear in her purpose as to how best assist you. I was greatly blessed by the session I had with Angela. Don’t hesitate to spend your time and money with her, you won’t be disappointed.
— Anita Prezell, high desert resident

Thank you for opening a safe space for me to be vulnerable. It was so transformational and helped remind me how much I love myself. My frustration and feelings of confusion are gone! Thank you for reminding me to trust myself. I’m doing the integration practices and just love it. You are truly amazing. Your heart is golden.
— Rosy Thowtho, Akashic Sound Healing, akashicsoundhealing@gmail.com

I am no newcomer to spiritual healing and energy work - having walked this path for ten years now both as a student, teacher, and practitioner. When I came to Angela to explore Womb Chakra Healing, part of me was curious to explore this mysterious modality, and part of me was eager to receive the healing of ancestral and karmic trauma we carry within. I was at a place where I was ready to look at and integrate some deep-seated issues that I had been turning away from for at least this lifetime.

I can safely say that I am not the person I was before this Womb Chakra Healing, and that it set in motion for me many necessary shifts in my journey of growth, change, evolution, and integration. Following this healing, I experienced intense physical, emotional, and spiritual breaking down of all the illusions and pain I had been holding in my body and being for as long as I can consciously remember and beyond. This kind of work only ever gives you exactly what you are ready for at the time- never more, never less. I was at a place where, after a decade of inner work, I was ripe and ready to make a quantum leap. Throughout this journey, Angela has held space for me, and has been a consistent source of support and guidance while empowering me to move forward autonomously.

If you are completely new to this kind of healing work, the energy will give you exactly what you are ready for. The journey of healing this mysterious and powerful energetic portal in our beings is both pioneering in this day and age, as it is ancient. And it is highly necessary at this time in our individual and collective histories. Angela carries the light of this rare and powerful healing modality with grace, wisdom, and skill. If you’re ready to shine a light on the parts of your being that urgently need your compassionate attention, Womb Chakra Healing with Angela is a potent way to embark on this journey.
— Rohini Walker, Reiki Master Practitioner, Editor of LunaArcana.com

Your juices felt like pure light. With each sip of juice, a new sensation opened in the body. I juiced before for years and I made them with love for my family, but this was nothing like anything I had ever drank before.

I felt your presence for weeks after like you had passed along some special powers of some sort. We only spoke briefly but I felt it was out of space and time.

I hope to be able to experience such a thing again ... one day.
— Charlotte de Stael, Norway