Private retreats

Private retreats are intended for those seriously seeking healing, guidance, and/or inspiration from Angela de la Agua. This is not an Airbnb alternative, but rather a valuable opportunity to experience sacred living from Angela in a variety of ways in an intimate setting, camping right on her expansive land. If you have ever been curious about the way Angela lives her daily life, this is your invitation to experience her most authentic setting and receive the blessings of a life lived with intention.

“Angela and Joshua Tree are the most intensely beautiful teachers.”


Sacred time for yourself

I have lived in solitude on this land full-time since 2011, and have cultivated an intimate relationship with all that dwells here. I know the medicine of solitude in the desert and how powerful it is for healing and transformation. I’m opening up my personal sacred site and invite you to experience the gifts I’ve been blessed with living here, and am here to support your time of retreat. By surrendering to the desert and its stillness, you surrender to your own healing. The elements, plants, and animals are all teachers here to help you release what no longer serves you and to receive the truth of your heart.

May you be blessed with the medicine + magic of the land I've lived on that has laid the foundation for my own journey of transformation and expansion.

Angela and Joshua Tree are the most intensely beautiful teachers. Angela has been integral to my journeys there; her healing practices and how she holds space reflect the elements and teachings of the desert. She is relentless in her devotion and her studies in practice. Angela is pure magic: A source of inspiration and knowledge through direct experience and devotion to the source.
— Julia Corbett, Cosmic Photographer,
Portrait:  Julia Corbett

Portrait: Julia Corbett


supported solitude

Your time of retreat is as private as you wish it to be. You may receive the gift of undisturbed time to yourself as much as you’d like to go deep into stillness. Or, you may like to work in depth with me through private sessions. My land is located in a remote part of Joshua Tree that is very quiet and peaceful with no close neighbors around. This undisturbed desert land enables you to connect with the earth and see wildlife daily. The views are expansive with heart-opening sun + moon rises, and sun + moon sets. The area is perfect for long walks as well as a mountain within walking distance for hiking or going deeper into the stillness. This area is a special part of the desert, a true gift to experience. 

You may deepen your experience of inner stillness by doing a juice cleanse customized for you by me. Kitchari cleansing is also available for those who want to experience this Ayurvedic approach to detoxifying the system.

There is only one guest reservation at a time, you will be the only retreat guest on the property. If you’d like to enjoy the use of an indoor bathroom and kitchen, these are located inside my small cabin. There is a shaded structure close to the cabin you are welcome to use, and an outdoor firepit. Overall, this is an intimate + valuable experience in my sacred space that holds an expanse of healing energy, inspiration, and love.

To sit beneath her desert willow and settle into the world that she protects, to see the tenderness within her beautiful home, to witness the way she makes each jar of juice or cup of cacao, all of it is healing. The best healing lessons are ones that remind us of the natural tools we have access to, the bounty of earth that is there for us, the deep understanding of body and spirit we each carry. In every offering Angela presents, there is a tool to take home, to use again and again whenever the need arises. I continue to benefit from every interaction, every sip of juice, and every moment of ceremony that Angela has shared with me over the years. I am relieved to know that she is there, doing her magical work, supporting all of us daily with great care.
— Jacqueline Suskin, poet

Private Retreats include:

  • Expansive land for private camping (large tent, rugs, blankets, pillows, tent lighting provided, bring all other gear + needs)

  • No other retreat guests other than yourself

  • Use of shared indoor bathroom (bathtub only) and kitchen (including outdoor refrigerator)

  • Use of shade structure and firepit

  • Wifi near the cabin

  • Drinking water + herbal tea

  • Morning sacred cacao ceremony

  • Agnihotra fire ceremony

Optional add-ons to deepen your experience with me:

  • Juice cleansing (variable from $20-$80/ per day)

  • Kitchari cleansing ($33/ per day)

  • Womb Chakra Healing ($222/ 1 hour 45 minutes)

  • Oracle Reading ($177/ 1 hr 15 minutes)

  • Sacred Nourishment Session ($177/ 1 hr 15 minutes)

  • Yoga ($77/ hourly)


$250 per night for a single person

>>> Check in is 3pm day of arrival, and check out is 11am on the final day.

>>> A beautiful golden cat lives in my home (dander-free), so bear this in mind and please respect his asking of no dogs to come with you. :)

>>> Use of kitchen and bathroom is between waking hours 7am-10pm. Kitchen is for vegetarian food prep only.

>>> More photos of the land and property available upon request.

Private Retreats are for you if:

  • You are seeking time of reflection, rest, and rejuvenation

  • You are seeking guidance and inspiration for your own personal life journey

  • You are excited to know more about my sacred life

  • You want a unique, authentic desert experience away from tourists

  • You are seeking deep restoration and healing in nature

  • You want to have a vision quest-type experience in the desert, but don’t want to be totally alone

A Private Retreat will benefit you in these ways:

  • You will enjoy absolute silence in a natural setting, far from the highway 

  • You will be blessed with unobstructed sunrises and sunsets right on the horizon

  • You will be close to the earth, receiving the medicine and healing energy of the land you sleep upon

  • You will come away blessed by the sacred energy of my land

  • You will awaken to simple ways to connect with the sacred in all things

  • You will have the opportunity to work closely with me for deepened healing if you choose

Private Retreats are not for you if:

  • You want to drink, smoke, or use drugs during your stay

  • You are uncomfortable with modest camping, or sharing bathroom and kitchen areas

  • You just couldn’t find any other place to stay in Joshua Tree

If you are feeling the call for a Private Retreat, please fill out this inquiry form with 3 choices for dates of stay and what you’d like to get out of your time of retreat:

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***Payment must be received to confirm the reservation upon approval of your request.*** Paid retreats are refundable up to 48 hours prior. Weather is unpredictable in the desert (can include high winds, rain, etc), so please bear this in mind and be prepared. Your payment releases me from any responsibility should injury or damage occur to yourself or belongings.